Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vegetarian Food

As I have said before Brenda is a vegetarian, so from time to time we eat out at vegetarian places. Today we ate at a vegetarian cafe. It was not good.

It had nothing to do with it being vegetarian it had to do with the flavour .

We ordered two burgers with chips and side salad. (For non Australians chips are often called french fries in other parts of the world).

This is what we got!

The dried items on the right, unseasoned and unflavoured were a deal breaker for me. Do not encourage me to think I'm getting fried chips and then not deliver.

The burger was bland and that is a massive fail for meatless food.

The sauce itself had not the vaguest hint of tomato which matched perfectly the total lack of tomato on the burger.

The burger had cheese and an aioli, neither of which had any discernible creamy taste to add so naturally I assumed they must be vegan (they were not). Not easy to do really. The beetroot relish managed to have no real beetroot flavour. So the burger itself was bland and needed a touch of sharpness or variety which the included ingredients lacked. The pattie itself was fine but simply fell into a paste when you are eating it. The buns were not worth mentioning and well side salad; still wondering about that.

In short we won't be back!

Flora Bean Gallery Cafe.

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