Saturday, May 18, 2013

What's for Dinner? by Curtis Stone


I first saw Curtis on television many years ago in a program called Surfing the Menu which involved travelling around different surf breaks and exploring food destinations and cooking along the way. It was a funny and entertaining program. In Australia he is known as the face of Coles one of our leading supermarkets, for them he puts together recipe ideas for under $10. It was only recently when he appeared on an episode of Masterchef that I discovered that he had trained with Marco Pierre White and had a distinguished professional background.

The chapters are divided into different categories that focus on things like saving time, cooking to a budget, cooking during the week and cooking on weekends with a focus on fresh and healthy recipes. Every dish is illustrated which I find a must in a good cookbook as seeing the dish is often what sells me on cooking it. The photos are great and give a good idea about presenting each of the dishes.

It keeps things SIMPLE, yet there are a host of new and flavourful recipes to use for dinners, whether you cook ahead for yourself or feed a family. Most of the recipes feature vegetables cooked together or along side the meat course, which encourages you and your family to get those five servings a day, but in an easy fashion because you don't have to worry about the side dish. The vegetables are right in there, so it makes a balanced meal a lot easier.

There is something in this book for everyone, it doesnt need profound cooking skills and hits the mark in terms of feeding a family with home cooked food and managing the constraints of time and budget. I have included two recipes below but I have already selected several more that I want to try. Well worth a look in the bookstore and would make a good gift.

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